About the client:

As the pandemic hit, restaurants and cafes weren't really an option. That's when the idea of Apetiz, a meal-prep delivery service, was born. The man behind it - Dinārs Zvidriņš - is a well-renowned Latvian chef, currently working at the restaurant “Laivu centrs”. Apetiz offers pre-processed (cut, peeled, marinated, etc.) ingredients for restaurant-level food cooked at your very own kitchen. Choose separate meals or family boxes and enjoy cooking without the stress of preparing ingredients and graduating from chef school!


  1. First, we built the brand. Name, logo, identity – all the base stuff. We paid special attention to the packaging design as it had to come out environment-friendly and minimalistic.
  2. Then came the taaasty part – photo session for all the Apetiz meals. The materials were later used for the website and social media.
  3. During the project, we cooperated with the cool guys at Footprint who set up a FaceBook and Instagram post plan and filled it up with mouth-watering and appealing content.
  4. Practice what you preach, a wise man once said. So, we and Footprint rolled our sleeves up and organized a cooking masterclass, led by a well-known influencer.